Top Points to Consider

Important Points to Consider When Buying a Steam Press

Here are several points to take into account when considering buying a steam press iron machine:

How much ironing
do you do each week?  Probably the first point to consider.  If you have lots of laundry to iron, then consider a clothes press to have all that work done quickly and effortlessly.  Think about what you will do with the extra time and money you will save each week by using an iron press machine.  A restaurant that needs lots of tablecloths, tea-towels and aprons laundered, pressed and ready for use would also benefit from a steam press iron machine, especially if they don’t use a professional laundry service.  There could be also cost savings involved for any business with such needs.

STORAGESteam Press easy to carry and store
How much storage space do you have?  A steam press might take up slightly more space than a fold-away ironing board, but there are models which are lightweight, compact and easily portable.

What is your budget?  This might depend as much on how much ironing you have as what you are willing to spend.  If you have a job away from home, you may need to get the ironing done quickly so that you will have more time for your paid work.  A clothes press will make your clothes look like they have just come from a professional laundry service.  Alternatively any business not using a commercial laundry service that requires freshly ironed items, such as tablecloths or aprons, would benefit from a steam press iron machine.

What is your physical ability?  Because they are light to use, an iron press for clothes is easier to use than an iron for someone with say, arthritis, or similar disability.  You might want to consider a model and stand which has a height adjustment so that it can be used comfortably by someone sitting, this is essential for someone in a wheelchair.

What items do you need to press?  If you have routine items of clothing and household items such as pillowcases, tea towels, tablecloths, sheets even, then a steam press iron machine will definitely save you loads of time.  Also, the larger surface of a steam press will definitely save you more time so you might consider buying a larger model, especially if you need to press larger items such as tablecloths and sheets.

Do you have small children or pets around who might tug on an iron cord then be burned or injured by the falling hot iron?  For safety a steam press iron machine will still need to be turned off when unattended, but you won’t have the potential worry of a child being burned or causing a fire with a hot iron lying on the floor.  You won’t even have to worry about the cost of replacing your iron!  Steam presses have an added feature of alarms to warn you if the press is left in the closed position for too long, and will automatically shut off if left unattended for a set period of time.

One further factor that may affect which steam press you decide to buy is the warranty period.  Another is the ability to have your steam press iron machine serviced or repaired if required and under what conditions.  Check when you buy your iron press machine to see if the supplier provides a repair service or the location of the nearest service centre for the particular manufacturer.  I’ve read a few reviews from owners who mentioned they had difficulties with this, so check first.  I haven’t reproduced client reviews on this website so perhaps check with your supplier or the manufacturer’s website.

The factors mentioned above are pivotal in helping you decide which steam press iron machine to purchase or in fact, even whether to buy one or choose an iron and board instead.  You need to consider each factor, and any others that might be relevant to your life situation, so that your purchase gives you exactly the amount of convenience you need to complete your ironing quickly and efficiently, thus enabling you to enjoy many other activities in your day.