Steam Press for fast and easy ironing

Steam Presses $200 or less

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to experience the benefits of a steam press to cut your ironing time in half.  Think of all the activities you would rather do than ironing and still achieve a professional

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Steam Press table top easy to use

Steam Presses $200-$350

Benefit from more features on one of these flatbed ironing steam presses to speed through your ironing in half the time.  Now what would you rather do than ironing ….

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SteamFast 623 Digital Steam Press

Steam Presses Over $350

These models are the ultimate in flatbed ironing steam presses.  Speed through your ironing and enjoy the extra time doing activities you prefer.

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Why Buy a Steam Press?

How often do you have to clean the plate of your iron, or treat it for scale, or accumulated fluff that has burnt and deposited onto your clothes as you ironed them?

Or for some reason your iron has been too hot and your favourite garment is ruined?

Or, in the middle of ironing, you’ve been called away and accidentally left the iron on a garment and now the garment is ruined by an iron-shaped scorch mark?

Are you frustrated having to iron between all the buttons on the front of shirts?

All these problems will be solved using a steam press to do your ironing.  Let a steam press make your ironing easier giving you spare time to enjoy something you really want to do because your steam press does your ironing in half the time!

Burnt Iron plate

burnt iron plate needs cleaning